Facts about dirty carpets that you might not know

After cleaning carpets for as long as we have, we have accumulated a lot of knowledge and know what needs to be done to remove even the most toughest stain.

Carpets attract residue and dirt

Residue and dirt from the outside is known to dry onto your carpets. Over time, the dirt and residue will change the colour of your carpets and can be impossible to remove without professional help.

Germs in your carpet could be making you ill

Carpets act as filters for trapping air pollutants, fungi, bacteria and could be making you ill. By having your carpets professionally cleaned, it not only makes the carpets healthier but also improves your living environment.

Remove your shoes before walking on carpet

How often have you walked on carpet with your shoes? The dirt from your shoes gets trapped and can be impossible to remove with vacuuming alone.

More bugs than your toilet seat

Because of all the foot traffic carpets encounter, they tend to build up with a lot of dirt quite quickly. In some cases, your carpets could be 4000 dirtier than your toilet seat.


What areas do our carpet cleaning team cover?

Although we are based in , our team work across the region in areas such as:

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Our carpet cleaning team are not limited to just these areas. For a full list of areas, please get in touch.

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