Msucleaning offer every clean on site form the first build clean, welfares to the last sparkle clean with outside windows and gutters.

Here is a example

Builders Clean

Step by Step Procedure

   1. Ensure and maintain ventilation throughout the task.

   2. Remove all paint spots and plaster spill from surfaces using a hand scraper.

   3. Remove all scuff marks from walls/paintwork.

   4. Wipe down all walls to remove dust using a feather duster working from top to bottom (take extra care when working from step ladders).

   5. Sweep all floors (other than carpeted areas) ensuring that all dust is kept at ground level and regularly cleared away.

   6. Sweep the landings and stairs from top to bottom, paying particular attention to edges and corners.

   7. Pick up spoil and place into refuse sack and remove to the disposal point.

   8. Use a dust pan and brush in all corners.

   9. Vacuum all floor areas taking extra care on stairs, paying particular attention to corners.

   10. Vacuum skirting boards and window sills.

   11. Ensure all light fittings are dusted down and cleaned (take extra care when working from step ladders).

   12. Wipe down, dry and polish all skirting boards, ledges and surfaces.

   13. Thoroughly clean all fixtures and fittings, removing all paint spots.

   14. Wipe down, dry and polish all wardrobes and cupboards, inside and outside.